• Meat

    We only serve premium beef from Japanese Black Wagyu heifers. The experts select the best beef from all over Japan by carefully examining the fattening period and beef cattle farmers. Enjoy the finest meat full of freshness, Umami flavor and aroma!

  • Quality ingredients

    We offer the best ingredients selected from all over Japan. Please enjoy the blessing of the Japanese four seasons.

  • Cuisine

    A collaboration of Japanese cuisine and Yakiniku, created by chefs' culinary sensibility and skills showcased in the open kitchen.

  • Hospitality

    We put together a wide range of drinks carefully selected by our experienced sommelier, including wines, rare Japanese Sake and Western liquors. We prepare everything at our restaurant with all our hearts to make you feel comfortable and welcome you with the utmost hospitality.

  • Art

    The dream collaboration between "Kouichi Uchida," one of the world's most popular ceramic artists, and "Naoki Kusumi," a plasterer whose traditional techniques and creativity have earned him the trust of architects around the world. You will discover something unique, be impressed, and see things in a different light.